Removing Grease Pencil Marks On Books

From: Vintage Computer Festival <>
Date: Wed Aug 13 21:07:00 2003

On Wed, 13 Aug 2003, Martin Scott Goldberg wrote:

> It depends where the marking is, on the inside on the paper or on the
> cover. Grease pencil markings (which I see thrifts use all the time on
> hardware as well) are very simple to remove. Just use Peanut Butter.
> The oil in the peanut butter interacts with the pencil markings and breaks
> it down so that it just rubs right off. Any left over peanut butter comes
> right off with water.


> That is why I asked where the markings are however, because you obviously
> can't do this if it's on regular paper. Most book covers will handle this
> just fine though, as will game carts, computer/console hardware, etc.

The glossy covers are no problem. Rubbing your finger over it a
sufficient number of time will work, but thank gawd for citrus based
cleansers which work very well (hint: apply the cleanser to a towel, not
the surface...especially if there's a crease or anywhere that the cleanser
can penetrate the glossy surface).

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