Lots of early IBM PC manuals & SW

From: SP <spedraja_at_ono.com>
Date: Thu Aug 14 09:28:18 2003

Ok, Joe. Thanks.

I search mostly Early PC compilers. If I remember well,
IBM had Basic, Cobol, APL, Fortran, Macro Assembler, Logo and Pascal.
I had a couple of them, but any other find is welcome.

My second field of search is about Technical and Hardware manuals.

In third position comes commercial software: Wordstar 3.3, Visicalc,
Easywriter (I see it in the list), Dbase and so.

Fourth, alternative Operating Systems: CP/M, UCSD Pascal, Pick,
Xenix, early versions of Netware and Vines, and so on.

Fifth, the unexplored forest of the Utilities :-) There are a LOT of IBM
not well known by here. Some other, like the Professional Editor, are known
I have it already.

In addition, I should like to know if someone has one IBM PC XT expansion
with boards (and even peripherals installed). I should like to locate one.



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> Sorry but I don't have a list but I did post BASIC compiler, MultiPlan
> and two PC Network manuals on E-bay last night. If there's anything in
> particular that you're looking for, let me know and I'll see if I have it.
> Joe
> At 07:05 AM 8/14/03 +0200, you wrote:
> >In my case, I search Multiplan and Basic Compiler from years. PC Network
> >is another good candidate. If you have a list and could send it would be
> >helpful.
> >Oh, and I have a bunch of XT and AT. Hardware maintenance manuals are
> >welcome :-)
> >
> >CHeers
> >
> >Sergio
> >
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> >
> >
> >> I've picked up a crap load of early IBM software and manuals in the
> >last
> >> two weeks and got another load today. I got some neat stuff (MS-DOS
> >> CP/M-86 v1.0) but I've got way more than I have room for so I'm selling
> >> bunch of it off. I have a LOT of technical reference manuals, all kinds
> >> compilers, lots of early IBM software and more. Most of it appears to
> >> unused. I think I'm going to keep the PC Hardware Maintenance and
> >> manual since I have an early PC that I'm hanging onto, I haven't
> >> about the CPM=86 and DOS V1.0 yet. See
> >>
> >> and keep checking back, I've got lots more to post.
> >>
> >> Joe
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