Lots of early IBM PC manuals & SW - One addition

From: Joe <rigdonj_at_cfl.rr.com>
Date: Thu Aug 14 13:08:51 2003

At 04:02 PM 8/14/03 +0200, Sergio wrote:
>Oops, I forgot to mention too:
>* The Databases: together with Dbase, I should like to put an eye (and
>hands) in Delta,
>Rbase, Dataflex, Oracle, Focus and Clipper EARLY versions.
>* Other Micropro products: Datastar, and so.
>* Graphic/CAD products: Early versions of Autocad and other similar

    That remind me. I saw some Grachics stuff for the PC there but I didn't
get it. I think one package was for a Graphical User Interface or something
like that and another package was a Developement System for the GUI.

>* In general any weird Lan and Multitasking product of the beginnings of PC
>In hardware, it would be welcome one Corvus system with boards to use with
>XTs and ATs

    I saw a Corvus box sitting in a scrap place last week. I was wondering
if it was worth picking up. It's been sitting outside for a while and I
didn't see any interface cards or cables for it. It might still be ok but I
didn't know exactly what it was for and since it was missing the card and
cable I decided not to bother with it.


>Dream is cheap :-)
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