Old scopes and equipment in need of a new home (fwd)

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Date: Thu Aug 14 13:53:01 2003

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Subject: [TekScopes] Old scopes and equipment in need of a new home

As I posted before, I just cannot keep this wonderful stuff any
longer. Have had for many years and never have time to work on them.
Most have traces and trigger. Am short a few plug-ins for the 647s
Still looking for these.

I have approximately inventoried my garage. More in storage
locker.List is still growing but this is more complete than before.

I want to sell as one LOT as I do not have the time to sell piece by

4-Tek 547
1-Tek575 curve tracer
1-Tek 661
1-Tek 556
2-Telequipment S54AR
2-Tek647Rack mount
1-647 parts frame
1Tek 564 storage
1 561B
1-561B Military version rack mount
1-Tek 647 Rack
2-561A Rack mount
1-Tek 585A

Misc Plug-ins
1-Lavoie Labs clone LA265L
1-4 trace plug-in for 561
3-boxes of manuals for above
2 Scope carts

1-General Radio 736A wave analyzer
1-HP302A wave analyzer
1-Tek 127 dual plugin supply
1-Tek 132 single plugin supply
1- Measurements Model 80 RF gen to 400 MHz
2-TS497B/URR clone of Measurements Model 80 RF gen to 400 MHz
1-HP650A test oscillator, phase shift type to 10 MHz
1-Sierra Electronics Wave analyzer
1-HP 200CDR
1-Auto Radar trap circa 1959
1-Tek 122 preamp
1-GR RF bridge 1650A
1-Pek Labs 10V 50A Arc lamp supply
1-Rhode and Schwarz secondary time standard (second to NIST in
1-Sorensen DCR600-2.5 amp supply 600V at 2.5 A max

Equipment located in Saratoga Ca adjacent San Jose in the south SF
bay area..
Yes, I know it is very sad.
Any interest??

Max Artusy
408 867 5461
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