11/750 minimum config

From: Susan Leake <susan.leake_at_btinternet.com>
Date: Fri Aug 15 08:46:55 2003

Hi guys :)

The time of my life has finally rolled around that I can have a good crack
at getting my VAX 11/750 up and roaring (as i'm sure David Brownlee would be
pleased to note!)

I'd like to canvass your opinions on the absolute minimum of hardware that I
need in there (I know f'rinstance that I can remove the floating-point card
and the RDM) to have something that should at least get to console.

I would also like to know what sort of power load we would be talking per
card, if anyone is privvy to that sort of information, or at least an
informed guess.

Same applies for the system blower - does anyone have a ballpark figure on
how much air it should be pushing?


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