Alpha-Micro 1000

From: Joe <>
Date: Fri Aug 15 10:21:01 2003


  I finally got around to posting some pictures of the Alpha Micro 1000
that I picked up a couple of weeks ago. Here's a link;

   Unlike the AM-100 this one has no buss system in it but does have a
connector for an optional I/O
 card on the left size (facing the computer). It also has a connector for a
 daughterboard on the right side. Mine has an AM-706 memory card there. I
 also have an optional I/O card installed in the left side. The card in mine
 is a PIICEON SR 1000-8P. It adds 8 additional serial ports to the system.
 (there are 3 serial ports built in). The main circuit card is a large
 custom card that is almost as big as the case. The card hinges up to
 the power supply and hard drive and floppy drive (if equipped). This one
has no floppy drive but does have a 190 Mb Maxtor hard drive. I've been
able to get it to run self test and everything passes fine except that the
system says that there's no har drive contoller in it. Since it doesn't
think there's a HD controller it never boots. I haven't gotten around to
troubleshooting it so at the moment it's just collectiung dust.

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