Vintage Computer Marketplace Grand Opening!

From: Vintage Computer Festival <>
Date: Fri Aug 15 15:01:00 2003

The Vintage Computer Festival is proud to announce the grand opening
of the Vintage Computer Marketplace, THE place on the web to buy,
sell and trade vintage computers!

The Vintage Computer Marketplace (VCM) has been designed to cater
specifically to the vintage computer collector. The site features
innovative sale and auction tools as well as inventory tools that
allow you to keep a database of your computer collection online. It
also features a powerful search tool to guarantee you find exactly
what you're looking for. No more searches that return dozens or even
hundreds of irrelevant hits.

At the VCM, you can Buy and Sell using standard fixed price and
auction mechanisms. But we also feature innovative sale and auction
mechanisms you won't find anywhere else, plus the ability to trade or
even put items in your collection up for temporary loan.

Our powerful inventory feature allows you to maintain a database of
your entire collection, including hardware, software, documentation,
books, magazines, even ephemera such as posters, buttons, t-shirts,
etc., in one centralized location. Our input forms are intuitive and
easy to use. Once your collection is entered into the database,
selling or trading off items to other collectors is a breeze. Even
the database record gets transfered, so no additional data entry will
be required, and a line of provenance is automatically created. The
VCM really takes computer collecting to the next level!

The VCM offers one of the most powerful search engines on the web.
Instead of putting in your search terms and then sifting through
perhaps dozens or even hundreds of irrelevant links, you can target
your search to exactly the make and model of the item you are looking
for. We've pre-programmed hundreds of computer manufactures and
thousands of models into our database, and are constantly updating it
with new information. When you do a search on the VCM, you'll always
find what you're looking for immediately.

During our grand opening period, the VCM will be free to use for an
initial period of 6 weeks. After that time, the service will still
be free to use for most users. Visit the VCM website and click on the
"Help" link for more information.

The Vintage Computer Marketplace awaits your visit. Sign up now.
It's FREE!

This is a live beta roll-out of the Vintage Computer Marketplace. As
such, you have the option of being actively involved in the final
stages of testing and development. Simply check the box in the user
registration form indicating you'd like to be enrolled in the VCM Beta
Tester mailing list and you'll be able to follow all the behind-the-
scenes development and also make suggestions on what features you'd
like to see. This is YOUR site. We want your feedback!

We look forward to seeing you on the Vintage Computer Marketplace!

Best regards,

Sellam Ismail and Patrick Rigney
Your Vintage Computer Marketplace SysOps!

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