Documation Card Reader / USB Interface

From: Brian Knittel <>
Date: Fri Aug 15 23:02:01 2003

Hi folks,

I've finally published the schematics and software for
the Documation M-series card reader interface I built
this summer, which connects the reader to a PC with
USB. I've built two of them, actually, one for my HP
version of the reader that uses differential signalling,
and one for the standard Documation TTL interface,
which is going to the Computer History Museum. The
schematics and firmware for both are included.

The schematics and software are available
at It's
all GPL'd.

The zip file doesn't include a bunch of reference
information mentioned in the manual but you can
download them from the URL's provided in the
.PDF'd manual (although for some reason the hyperlinks
aren't active, sorry).

Someday, when I have time for fun again, in the far,
far, distant future, I'm going to extend the
IBM 1130 simulator to use this interface so you
can run real card decks into it :)


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