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From: Dwight K. Elvey <>
Date: Sat Aug 16 19:56:00 2003

Hi Ed
 Although, I have no specific manuals, these systems
are quite easy to work on. I hope that no one has stripped
it for tubes or parts. There are many application books
published for analog computers. Programming these are
almost always similar.
 I would love to work on bringing yours back to life
but am afraid that the distance is a little to great
( I live in Santa Cruz, CA ). Maybe something can
be worked out with the Computer History Museum,
here in Mountain View ( ).
Some kind of loan or something.
 I could work on it there, assuming that you could locate
a sponsor to cover cost of repair, patches, program resistor and
program capacitors.
 You might also check with Doug Coward:
He may have some information specific to Donner Systems machines.
 Like I said, I'd love to play with it.
Dwight Elvey

>From: "ed sharpe" <>
>Please see the Donner analog computer at:
>we would like to get enough stuff and some docs to get it operational.
>Thanks Ed Sharpe archivist for SMECC
>Please check our web site at
>to see other engineering fields, communications and computation stuff we
>buy, and by all means when in Arizona drop in and see us.
> coury house / smecc
>5802 w palmaire ave
>glendale az 85301
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>> that is curious... but I see why the spread the weight of the three
>> drives...
>> we used 2883 disc drives on the main system, and a 7900 on the test
>> system.
>> we also had a rack with a spare processor and reader with a hot spare...
>> but nice to have the reader on that processor too if we wanted to listen
>> music on an am radio next to the processor!
>> If you go to the near the bottom of the home page there
>> a b/w picture... you can click on it and see what I am describing.
>> by the way can use a 2883 disc drive or two....
>> ed sharpe archivist for smecc
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>> > Hey folks... just happened to come across some pictures of HP2000
>> > that I have never come across before. Shows some really nice
>> configurations.
>> >
>> >
>> >
>> > Jay West
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