NEC Multisync 5D

From: Thomas Kelly <>
Date: Tue Aug 19 14:59:27 2003

I too have a NEC Multisync 5D (JC-2002VMA-1) monitor.
I have connected the video cable with HD-15 (3 rows of pins) connector
hooked to the back of the monitor with the other end to VGA card on my IBM
computer. The screen glows when the contrast and brightness is set to max
setting but there is no image. Is there any special tricks to get it to
I do not have the manual. What do the butons in front do?
Can you ofer me any advice geting this to work.
Thanks for any info you can provide,
NEC Multisync 5d - being skipped on Friday
Tim Myers
Wed Mar 26 06:20:43 2003

If any of you can get to Ellesmere Port, UK, before Friday, you can
collect a NEC Multisync 5D.

It's getting skipped on Friday - I cannot arrange shipping, so please
don't ask.

Please contact me off list, as I'm not monitoring the list actively for
various political reasons...


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