Floppy interface

From: Fabio Finotti <finotti.f_at_katamail.com>
Date: Tue Aug 19 15:02:21 2003

I have read on mailing list the your message that speaks about floppy disk
and controller :

>normally using a 26LS31 driver and 26LS32 receiver.

>But in a sense they're analogue in _time_. In write mode, the >drive
>writes a flux transition to the disk for every pulse on the >write data
>line. In read mode, the drive sends a pulse on the read data >line for
>every flux transition on the disk. There are some restrictions >on
>allowable frequencies of transisitions, of course.

etc. etc.

I am looking for documentation on the floppy disk interface.I would like
to use a floppy disk in order to save data but I don't know how format
them. Can you help me? ?
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