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Date: Wed Aug 20 01:41:01 2003

>From: "Doug Coward" <>

> I sent this reply a couple of days ago but it never
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>Ed sharpe wrote:
>> Please see the Donner analog computer at:
>> we would like to get enough stuff and some docs to get it operational.
> I have the "Instruction Manual" that includes operation, servicing,
>part lists, and schematics.
>Vintage Computer Festival wrote:
>>Ed, what model number is this?
>The top three panels make up a rack mounted model 3500.
>I can't see enough detail of the bottom two panels to tell
>for sure, probably some kind of accessories.
>Ed sharpe wrote:
>>it says donner 3500 as I remember. so it is earlier than a
>>sysdon donner, although I remember the instruction manual
>>( lost probably 20 years ago during a computer exchange inc.
>>warehouse clean out party) said sysdon donner....
>The manuals says manufactured by Donner Scientific Company
>a division of Systron-Donner Corporation.
>>what would you folks date it at?
>The manual is dated January 1960
>>I remember there was also a bag of little rectangular boxes with
>>jack tips on them that help components also. ( again missing)
>I would bet good money that the banana jacks on the patch
>panel are exactly 3/4" apart. In that case you can use a double
>banana plug as a component holder.

Hi Ed
 I do have a number of the Donner resistor patches and a
few of the capacitor patches. As Doug states, the resistor/cap
patches can be made with standard dual banana plugs. The
resistors usually start at about 10K and go up to 10M.
Values of 1,2,5,10 are typical. You want these to be stackable.
 The capacitors are 0.1 and 1.0 uf. You want to use caps with
low dielectric absorption and good temp stability. These
are used for integrators that can run over several seconds.
 And, no, I don't want to part with my patches. Pomona
makes what you need.

>>in the library here we do have a copy of the korn and korn
>>book on analog computers.
>Just about a month ago I got an email from Granino Korn
>saying how much he like my little museum.
> --Doug
>Doug Coward
>_at_ home in Poulsbo, WA
>Analog Computer Online Museum and History Center
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