donner analog computer

From: ed sharpe <>
Date: Wed Aug 20 01:48:54 2003

Doug, Kudos on the Korn complements, could not think of a better source of

the 3500 portable you have pictured is like ours except..... it is all
disassembled in a rack mount configuration!

tried to find the manual online, do you have any plans to PDF any of this

Nice site! plan to spend some more time there!

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> I sent this reply a couple of days ago but it never
> appeared in the digest so I can only assume that
> it went into the univeral bit bucket. Here it is again.
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> Ed sharpe wrote:
> > Please see the Donner analog computer at:
> >
> > we would like to get enough stuff and some docs to get it operational.
> I have the "Instruction Manual" that includes operation, servicing,
> part lists, and schematics.
> Vintage Computer Festival wrote:
> >Ed, what model number is this?
> The top three panels make up a rack mounted model 3500.
> I can't see enough detail of the bottom two panels to tell
> for sure, probably some kind of accessories.
> Ed sharpe wrote:
> >it says donner 3500 as I remember. so it is earlier than a
> >sysdon donner, although I remember the instruction manual
> >( lost probably 20 years ago during a computer exchange inc.
> >warehouse clean out party) said sysdon donner....
> The manuals says manufactured by Donner Scientific Company
> a division of Systron-Donner Corporation.
> >what would you folks date it at?
> The manual is dated January 1960
> >I remember there was also a bag of little rectangular boxes with
> >jack tips on them that help components also. ( again missing)
> I would bet good money that the banana jacks on the patch
> panel are exactly 3/4" apart. In that case you can use a double
> banana plug as a component holder.
> >in the library here we do have a copy of the korn and korn
> >book on analog computers.
> Just about a month ago I got an email from Granino Korn
> saying how much he like my little museum.
> --Doug
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