Article Reference: Linux -- The New CP/M

From: Fred Cisin <>
Date: Wed Aug 20 13:02:00 2003

> He draws another incorrect parallel with multiple flavors of CP/M being a
> problem vs. the multiple customized Linux's. I'm sorry, but in the 70's

But was he really talking about multiple flavors of CP/M, or was he
confusing that with the problems of disk format interchange? In most
cases, the CP/M was essentially the same, except for the video/terminal
operations and everybody had a unique disk format. Well, not EVERYBODY,
but I estimate that there were about 2500 different floppy disk formats.

In about 1978, I asked Gary Kildall, "What is the STANDARD format for
5.25 inch?"
He replied, "8 inch single density."
I said, "NO! What is the standard format to use for 5.25 inch?"
He said, "8 inch single density."

At the time, I didn't appreciate the wisdom of his words.

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