From: Rich Beaudry <r_beaudry_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Wed Aug 20 22:42:00 2003


>I am trying to obtain one copy of CP/NET or MPM/NET.
>In .dsk format suitable to be used with SIMH simulators.


>I can't locate two binaries, MAIL.COM and SERVER.RSP

I have a disk (8", SSSD) labeled "CP/NET 1.0". I also have a photocopy of
the User's Guide for CP/NET (3rd Printing, 1981). The files you are looking
for are not there, but perhaps you have a different version of CP/NET. Mine
appears to be complete, judging from a quick look through the manual. There
are two .COM files for electronic mail (SNDMAIL.COM and RCVMAIL.COM), and
there are also "server" versions of these files. Also, the only difference
I can see for the server side is a change in NETWRKIF.RSP. There are full
directions for altering the server and client setups in the manual.

>In the good side, I could generate the NETWRKIF.RSP
>file using the indications in the CP/NET manual.

My manual also has complete directions. I haven't tried them out,

>Of course, this is only a first step. If all goes well we
>couldn't have yet one CP/NET working environment.
>Here is where I'm lost. What kind of "network" devices
>used CP/NET ? In the manual comes one example to
>customize one SNIOS.RSP in the cliente to use one
>Serial Port, but I assume the existence of others. I think
>it would be great to allow the simulation of one
>MP/M-CP/NET-CP/M network with a couple
>(or more) of SIMH AltairZ80's running at same time.

My manual also only mentions serial devices (in fact, it even suggests
sample 7-bit and 8-bit serial protocols, and message formats). According to
the manual, NETWRKIF and SNIOS would have to be altered for a new device.
It would most likely be very difficult to alter them to work with new
networking hardware. If SIMH connects the emulated computer's serial ports
to the real PC ports, then perhaps it would be best to go with two
computers, hooked by serial cables, one running MP/M and CP/NET ("master"),
and the other running CP/M and CP/NET ("slave")

Hope this helps, and if you want, I can supply a PC-format disk with all
files from my CP/NET 1.0 disk. I could also supply a scan/photocopy of the
manual as well....

Rich B.
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