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Date: Wed Aug 20 23:46:01 2003

Hello Paxton,

He'll need to use FDISK if he wants to remove the existing partitions and
then recreate a single partition WITHOUT low level formatting.

If he low level formats instead, it will take the partitions out. Low level
takes everything out.

Here's a tip for you though. I have had instances where DOS's FDISK wouldn't
remove a partition. I don't exactly remember all the details because it's been
a while, but it was because the partition had a name that might have included
a character that wouldn't display so I didn't know what it was, or it was some
unusual Non-DOS partition. I've found the partitioning utility that came with
OS2 Warp to be useful when FDISK sometimes wouldn't work.

Best Regards

At 12:02 AM 8/21/03 -0400, you wrote:
>There is another command to run. To get rid of the partitions you will need
>to use FDISK.
>Once you get rid of the three partitions and reformat it as a single
>partition you should be OK.
>I would use DOS 6.22, because that is what I have.
>Astoria, OR
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