AltairBASIC on a Z80

From: Cini, Richard <>
Date: Thu Aug 21 09:06:00 2003

Hello, all:

        Here's an interesting question for the group. Someone who works with
me on the Altair32 Emulator is attempting to get AltairBASIC 4.0 running on
a Z80 plug-in. It doesn't run. While scanning some past issues of BYTE, I
came across the following letter from May, 1980:

"I wonder if any BYTE readers could assist me in locating the patch to
Altair 8k 4.0 Version and Altair Extended 4.0 Version BASICs which will
allow these BASICs to run on a Z80."

"I recently purchased a TDL ZPU which uses the Z80. The manual notes this
incompatibility stating that Altair BASIC 'has as part of its routines
several occasions where the parity flag is checked as part of
the function. In the Z80 the parity flag indicates OVERFLOW during math
routines, not parity.' The manual states that it contains a patch in
Appendix C, but no Appendix C is included."

Does anyone either have this TDL Appendix C or can tell me how to patch
BASIC 4.0 to work on a Z80.


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