Need Ftpmgr.dll file

From: Joe <>
Date: Thu Aug 21 22:28:00 2003

  My hard drive crashed last week and I lost just about everything. I've
been slowly reloading files and applications but I'm missing one badly
needed file, "Ftpmgr.dll", it's part of WS-FTP. I have a copy of WS-FTP
that I bought on-line less than a month ago and Ipswich is SUPPOSED to
support if for a year but they've ignored my requests for a replacement
copy of the program. I've spent about 5 hours and slowly retrieved all the
files for WS-FTP off of the damaged drive but I have not been able to
recover this one file. Does anyone have a copy of it that that can e-mail
me? It should be about 273Kb and mine is dated 5/23/03.

  I searched the net and I found a site
<> that is supposed to have the file
posted but when I try to connect to the site the computer says that it is
not a valid domain. Any idea why?

  From Ipswitch's registration message:

"Detailed information on your purchase:

Serial Number: WF-xxxxxxx
Date of Purchase: Wed, 13 Aug 03 15:06:16
Quantity: 1 _at_ USD $39.95 each
Subtotal: USD $39.95
Tax: USD $
Total: USD $39.95
Paid for in full with MasterCard Account."

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