Looking for plot data files

From: hansp <hansp_at_citem.org>
Date: Fri Aug 22 06:33:00 2003

Joe wrote:
> FWIW I used to have a HP 7550 serial plotter connected to my PC. Windows
> 3.1 even had a printer driver for it. I could create text documents using
> MS Word and even highlight areas in it IN VARIOUS COLORS and then "print"
> it on the plotter. It was amazing to watch it write all the text. It would
> even switch pens automaticly to write the various colors of text. You
> couldn't use it for graphics with areas of solid colors but for line
> drawings, including text, it was fine.

Yes, watching a plotter draw a complicated drawing with text etc would
be an interesting exhibition element.

   -- hbp
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