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From: Tony Duell <ard_at_p850ug1.demon.co.uk>
Date: Fri Aug 22 17:43:00 2003

> repeatable the HP plotters are. FWIW I used to make all kinds of tiny
> labels with a RS CGP-115 printer-plotter (before I could afford HP.) Some
> of the letters were so small that they were barely readable.

The CGP115 was the first printer I owned... I used to print out long
BASIC and pascal program listings from my Model 1 on that device -- it
would do 80 characters per line ( -- on 4" wide paper), and it was just
about readable!

Sure it was slow (I think 12cps was claimed), but it sure beat copying
the listing from the screen by hand. And of course I could leave it
clattering away while I did something else.

> I would have kept the HP plotter if it didn't take up so darned much
> room! The 7550 is a great plotter. It will handle up to 17" paper, has 8

I still use HP pen plotters. I have the 7440 ColorPro which is an
excellent machine, and very simple mechanicallly. One of the best stories
about that device concerns the time I used it with my HP41 (I have the
Plotter ROM). I hooked it up using an 82169 HPIL-HPIB interface, told the
HP41 where to find it (5 SELECT, where 5 was the HPIB address), and the
plotter ROM's programs worked perfectly. True plug-and-play.

How many people here have the 7470 Opt 003. That's the rare one, AFAIK it
was HP's only HPIL plotter. It was the 'correct' plotter for the HP41's
plotter ROM, for example. I was given a broken one a few years back, one
of the custom gate arrays had failed. Fortunately the same chip was used
on other HP plotters, and I happened to have a suitable PCB in the junk
box to raid one from...

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