OpenVMS etc.

From: Peter Hicks <Peter.Hicks_at_POGGS.CO.UK>
Date: Sat Aug 23 13:53:00 2003

Zane H. Healy wrote:

> Are you using the Hobbyist Licenses? If so if you order the Hobbyist
> CD (I think it's $30) you'll be able to get OpenVMS 7.3, TCPIP, and
> some other layered products.

Aha, enlightenment - cheers. I bought the Hobbyist CD, and I'm not sure
how to load TCPIP on to the box. I guess there's a FAQ or documentation
somewhere I'm missing...?

> BTW, unless you have DECnet or Kermit on the system, how would you
> get anything you downloaded onto the VAX? Something to think about.

...and that was the other problem :-) I'll give TCPIP from the Hobbyist
CD a go.

Thanks for your help!

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