OpenVMS etc.

From: Peter Hicks <Peter.Hicks_at_POGGS.CO.UK>
Date: Sun Aug 24 14:12:00 2003

Fred N. van Kempen wrote:

> Assuming you have a working CDROM drive on the box, you can MOUNT
> the CDROM drive, set the default directory to the KITS folder on
> the CDROM, and do the "vmsinstal ucx" or "installprod ucx", and
> any other package included. There used to be a small HOWTO text
> file included on that CDROM.

This is my first dip in to OpenVMS. Could you give me an idiot's guide
to mounting the CD-ROM and installing TCP/IP? Coming from a strong UNIX
and Windows background, VMS is confusing me!

Best wishes,

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