OpenVMS etc.

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Date: Sun Aug 24 19:22:00 2003


   This is actually easier than MickeySoft, once you understand the relationships.

   First you need to know what device your cd-rom is. ~Normally~, it will be a SCSI device at address 4; and usually, on the first controller. Type

$ Sho dev d

and look for a disk that is write-locked, probably
DKA400. If it is ...

   With the cd in the drive, type

$ Mou/over=id dka400:


$ Set Def dka400:[000000]

you are now ready to wander around as on any other RMS volume.


> This is my first dip in to OpenVMS. Could you give me an idiot's guide
> to mounting the CD-ROM and installing TCP/IP? Coming from a strong UNIX
> and Windows background, VMS is confusing me!
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