MOS Technology 6502 manuals

From: Keys <>
Date: Mon Aug 25 11:42:00 2003

I have a complete set up in storage in MN but I'm in Texas. I will be going
up to get more of my stuff moved next summer and will update once I get the
manuals. I will make copies if you still need them.
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Subject: MOS Technology 6502 manuals

> Hi all,
> I've just grabbed a copy of the MOS Technology "MOS Microcomputers
> Manual", dated January 1976, MOS publication number 6500-10A from
> . I've already got a (poor quality) reprint
> of the August 1975 version (publication number 6500-10). Does anyone know
> what - if anything - was changed in the January 1976 revision of the
> Is it worth my while printing the newer manual out again and having it
> spiral-bound? I was going to print out the MOS Programmer's Manual (doc
> #6500-50A) anyway.
> Alternatively, does anyone have original copies of these manuals or the
> Synertek or Rockwell equivalents? An original MOS Hardware Manual and
> Programmer's Manual would be nice to have around, but I can live with a
> laser-print or photocopy if need be.
> Thanks.
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