Looking for plot data files

From: Joe <rigdonj_at_cfl.rr.com>
Date: Mon Aug 25 11:56:08 2003

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>You can get a DXF-to-HPGL converter (such as
http://www.imagespro.com/programs/2287/ ), then send the HPGL to the plotter.
>As far as getting an old copy of AutoCAD, you can pretty much forget that.

   I was referring to picking on up surplus. I see them quite often around


AutoDesk has been very aggressive at maintaing their IP. The only version I
have found on the web is one customized for the DEC Rainbow. There were
some other 2D CAD packages such as TurboCAD that could read DXF, and were
available as trial or free versions. You could Google for an older version
that is compatable with your plotters.
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>> Hans,
>> I think the "cut-away drawing of the space shuttle" was a demo .dxf
>> file that came with AutoCad.
>Thanks for the pointer. Searching for DXF on the web throws up a bunch
>of possible stuff. Now to figure out how to plot DXF files cheaply!
>I think the shuttel picture goes back further than that. Tektronix used
>it extensivly in their promotions of the 40xx series, that would be late
> -- hbp
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