Cromenco Z2 power supply (or equivalent)

From: SP <>
Date: Mon Aug 25 14:23:00 2003

He, he. I suppose it. Well, in fact I had it in mind BEFORE send the
If my idea of this power supplies is correct it appears to have the size and
to power the startup of one bombardier.

If you could check it when you have a moment I should agree it.



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> Sergio,
> I think I have one but I'm in Florida and I expect that the shipping
> would be EXPENSIVE.
> Joe
> At 08:13 PM 8/25/03 +0200, you wrote:
> >Hi again. I aproach the occasion, even when I hadn't idea of speak
> >about it. Somebody knows where I can obtain one Power Supply
> >(original or equivalent) for one Cromenco Z2 backplane ?
> >I can't check yet more information, but I'm suggested that it uses
> >+8v, +18v, -8v and -18v power. Some people has give me kind
> >information privately, but I should like to obtain one PS before
> >try to construct one here.
> >
> >Thanks in Advance.
> >
> >Sergio
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