WS-FTP and the AssHoles at Ipswitch

From: Joe <>
Date: Tue Aug 26 08:19:00 2003

At 07:08 PM 8/25/03 -0700, Sellam wrote:
>On Mon, 25 Aug 2003, Joe wrote:
>> Well, not exactly. I can get my money back that way but the bigger
>> problem is that I have the URLs and passwords to a lot of websites saved in
>> WS-FTP and I have no way to get the data out of it. I lost a lot of my
>> saved E-mail messages including many that had the passwords, account names
>> and URLs saved in them. I did manage to recover the WS-FTP data file that
>> had all that saved in it but without a working copy of WS-FTP I can't
>> access it. :-(
>Too bad they don't allow 30 day free trials with their software like Van
>Dyke does :(

   They do. Here's the whole story.

   Someone send me a copy of FTPMGR a deveral days ago and installed it
that got the Light Edition of the program working but not the Pro edition.
(I have to have the Pro Edition because I need the SSH2 support.) But by
then IPSWITCH may have de-activated the Pro version. That would explain why
FTPMGR didn't fix the problem with it. Then I had the same idea that you
suggested so I downloaded and installed a demo version (in a completely
separate directory) but when I installed it and tried it EVERYTHING locked
up. I reset and rebooted and tried the LE version again and it no longer
worked either. That's when I decided to call IPSWITCH and find out why they
hadn't replied to my request for replacement SW. Well, you've already heard
about that! I spent about three days just recovering WS-FTP files and
trying to get it working again but I have finally given up and just erased
all of the WS-FTP files and directories. I'll just have to contact the
various website owner's such as Al and have them create new accounts and
password for me. (Just got a reply from Al a few minutes ago with my new

   I took your suggestion and downloaded and installed SecureFX last night.


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