Iomec disc drive?

From: Al Kossow <>
Date: Tue Aug 26 11:34:00 2003

Is there any chance that someone has an Iomec removable platter
disk drive? The type that I am looking for uses an IBM 2315 style
2.5Mb cartridge, similar to an RK05.

you could check with Doug Jones if he still has these. RK01's 
were IOMEC's 
to be honest, you'd be better off trying to adapt a Diablo interface
to whatever needed the IOMEC, as they weren't very good drives.
They were also 100tpi. If you have some media you need to read
it should be possible to double step tracks with a 200tpi drive.
From: (Douglas W. Jones,201H MLH,3193350740,3193382879)
Newsgroups: alt.sys.pdp8
Subject: Strange code fragment
Date: 31 Mar 1994 16:58:01 GMT
Organization: University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA, USA
Lines: 27
Distribution: world
Message-ID: <2nevep$>
I was going over the paper tape reader I picked up from Rockwell's surplus
outlet, and I found, written in pencil on the inside of the plate that
covers the lamp, the following:
    0030 load-addr
    6743 dep
    5031 dep
    0030 load-addr/clear/cont
This looks suspiciously pdp8ish, despite the fact that the reader was
interfaced to a General Radio Peripheral Expander box.  The same lot
of surplus parts contained 3 RK01 drives, though, also with interfaces
from the GR box.
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