IBM Selectric Manual

From: Muirgheal <>
Date: Tue Aug 26 11:50:47 2003

Hi Jim,

I found a post of yours to the cctech mailing list, stating that you have an
IBM Selectric Manual. I was wondering if you could help me at all.

I have one of the original 1960 IBM Selectrics, but the carriage (I think
that's what it's called - the mechanism with the typing ball) stops at the
tab position. When I hit return it moves to the farthest left position, but
it will only move five spaces before stopping. After that it will only type
in the same place until I hit return again.

My husband seems to remember from his high school typing class, a three key
combination that will "unlock" it from this position.

Any ideas or advice you may have would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thank you!
Shana Leslie
Received on Tue Aug 26 2003 - 11:50:47 BST

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