ACCRC really irked me

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Date: Tue Aug 26 14:53:00 2003

On Mon, 25 Aug 2003, jim stephens wrote:

> I dealt with the Surplus exchange in Kansas City before the "public" was
> allowed in. These not for profits can sell in at last Missouri and I
> think here in CA w/o collecting any sales tax if they just go thru the
> effort to register properly. THere is no reason for an "attitude" unless
> they want to generate it.

Or perhaps they'd just rather not deal with the hassle. The attitude
expressed above is the reason why they'd rather not deal with it.

> If there had been a group like this when they were
> getting all the 370s and such about 15 years ago, I
> would have had all you guys over them like stink on
> s**t, but some organizations get taken over with

15 years ago there wasn't much of a market for old computers for personal
collections. Stink on shit? Nice.

> Anyway, lest this previous paragraph sound like it is directed at the
> pravious poster, Sellam, or anyone on this list, it is not. But the fact
> is, look at the Goodwill Computer sales and other thrift stores who are
> not for profit. THere is no reason that any group that is not for profit
> need have a problem for selling to the public. It is up to the charter
> of the operation who they sell to, or give to.

Sure, legally there is no problem. But you are dismissing the
administrative hassles and the resources required to do this sort of

> I know nothing of the group you mentioned, but what
> is on the list, and would be a bit put off they were
> not friendly as well. There is no reason they have to
> be other than their own choices.

It would have probably been best if Mike called before heading
substantially out of his way to visit. If someone showed up on your
doorstep wanting to buy your sofa, but you weren't offering it for sale,
you might be a little annoyed too.

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