OT: Ship based mainframe in movie(1961)

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Date: Tue Aug 26 14:57:00 2003

On Tue, 26 Aug 2003, McFadden, Mike wrote:

> Two Naval officers were on leave and ran into civilian at the Lido
> casino who said that odds could be computed if they knew the past series
> of positions of the roulette ball. They recorded the positions and used
> a signal lamp to send them to their ship, officer on ship entered them
> into computer and relayed via signal lamp back the predicted next
> winning position. I think they always bet on the top 3 predicted
> positions.
> They were staying in a suite at the hotel and ran into a cute young
> women who turned out to be the admiral's daughter. The admiral was
> staying at the suite downstairs and noticed the flashing signal lamp and
> thought there were spies around. Nobody could decode the Morse code
> signals of the roulette positions.
> Finally all were found out and confessed to the "gambling".

Sounds like a perfectly nerdy movie to rent for the weekend, along with
Hot Millions :)

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