I have an ASR 33 TTY with a trashed printball,

From: Gerold Pauler <gerold.pauler_at_gmx.net>
Date: Tue Aug 26 15:24:11 2003

Tim Corrie Jr schrieb:
> I saw a message from you on some messageboard, A year ago I got an ASR33 and
> it worked, but unbeknowns to me the rubber? cover over the hammer had fallen
> off/disintegrated/wasn't there, it wasn't until the print started to degrade I
> realized what was going on. So now I need a new printball and some advice on
> what to do about the missing rubber? hammer cover.

I take a standard rubber (eraser), a knife and, the cap of an ink pen to
build my own. Using the cap (fortunately the same diameter as the
hammer) an the knive to form the drill hole and the knive for the rest
of the shape.
Other people reported good results with cushions (multiple layers) of
insulating tape or heat shrink tubing fixed with insulating tape.


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