Venturis question

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Date: Wed Aug 27 10:56:00 2003

> > Can anyone ID a Digital PC based on this Model?
> > I *think* it's really a Venturis 5100 but I can't seem to get
> > anything anywhere to find anything on the model number
> > quoted. The owner is trying to get some ram for it, if it's a
> > 5100 then it looks to be common or garden 16mb 72pin non parity.
> > Anyone able to confirm?
> I'm reasonably sure you have a Venturis 5100 (five not ess).

The model number comes up in the range of products referred to as "Venturis FX". My laptop QRL doesn't show that particular variant - it jumps from FR-A70AW to FR-A75AW - but it should be a 100MHz Pentium, using 70ns 32bit SIMM modules. The "inside the firewall" library (updated just this morning, 8/27/03!) also shows a listing for 60ns EDO, but that may only work on the higher-end machines (as I recall they went up to 200MHz).

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