Info for IBM PC?

From: Ed Millis <>
Date: Wed Aug 27 13:50:01 2003

Please forgive my error if I have stumbled into the wrong place. If there is a better place to go for talk/info, any directions will be appreciated and immediately used.

I recently purchased my first "IBM" computer. This is as opposed to the 68030 Macintosh LCII it is replacing. The Mac would have been fine, except it was beginning to crash, wouldn't do Internet, and had no idea what a CD was.

The replacement is an IBM Mod No. 13U, machine type 6589. I'm looking for information on the innards of this machine: memory configurations, processor and bus, etc. It's got a socket for a second processor - what might go there? And why would I want to do that?

Again, if this is not the best place for me to be, I apologize for intruding and would appreciate any directions.

Thank you.

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