DEC colors

From: Antonio Carlini <>
Date: Wed Aug 27 14:16:00 2003

> > I read an essay once where the author named the official colors of
> > Digital's PDP computers / front panels. Now I can't find it, and I
> > would really like to know what the colors were called. One
> was "China
> > Red," I believe. There is a blue color and a kind of pumpkin color
> > too. Does anyone remember those color names? Or know of a document
> > that discusses the colors?
> Hey, that's cool. I'd like to know also.

This cropped up recently in either comp.os.vms or comp.sys.dec
so a deja search should find it.

The orange colour of the OpenVMS V4 doc set was officially
called Chinese Red.

The grey colour of the OpenVMS V5 doc set was officially
called Champagne Beige.

I don't recall ever seeing names for the preceding dark
blue or light blue colours.


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