DEC colors

From: SP <>
Date: Wed Aug 27 15:09:00 2003

Somebody has one scan (in natural size) of one DEC front panel ?
I should like to try to reproduce one over adhesive transparent film
or another material and put it later over one transparent plastic panel.
There is one company here that do this works (in appeareance).
To work in the panel later to do it suitable is another matter.



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Subject: DEC colors

> The standard pdp/11 front panel colors are magenta and wild rose.
> From memory the 8/e front panel is mustard and burnt orange
> Each DEC computer family in the 60's / early 70's had their own
> color. The LINC/PDP-12 was light and dark green, the 9 was a different
> shade of orange than the 8/e, and the 15's were light and dark blue,
> which was different from the PDP-10 blue.
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