HP-85 Re: anyone in rochester?

From: Vassilis Prevelakis <vp_at_mcs.drexel.edu>
Date: Wed Aug 27 19:31:23 2003

First most of the ROMs for the 85 are available from my site

You will need, however, the 82929A Programmable ROM drawer
(check http://www.series80.org/Manuals/HP82929A.pdf to see how
it looks like), to be able to use the ROM image on your 85.

BTW if you have the 82929A, then you can also download the EMS
ROM which allows a far greater selection of drives to be used
with your 85.

Come to think of it, the EMS ROM code is quite small, so I wonder
if some person who understands 85 assembly can turn this into a
binary utility so that it can work elsewhere in memory.

Anyway, you may also get the Mass Storage ROM (manual at
on eBay. This will allow the 85 to talk to 9121 3.5 inch drives which if I
am not mistaken will work with your 1631D analyzer.

Some day I may finally produce the HP 85 ROM emulator, but the way things
are going, don't hold your breath :-(

BTW I have finally managed to get a 98155A keyboard for my 9915's
(the embedded version of the the 85, brochure at

I am also expecting a bunch of manuals for the 9915s. I hope to have them
up on my site by the end of the month.

Joe <rigdonj_at_cfl.rr.com> wrote:
> The 85 is a fine machine, it's too bad that they saddled it with a tape
> drive! It would have been a great machine if they would have replaced the
> tape drive with a 3.5" floppy drive.
But they did! Its called the HP Integral PC. Its faster, more compact,
has an ergonomic keyboard, and even has Unix when you want to go around
the back and fiddle with things.

Too bad its not as cute as the 85.

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