Vax emulator?

From: Fred N. van Kempen <>
Date: Thu Aug 28 09:16:00 2003

On Thu, 28 Aug 2003, Graham Toal wrote:

> I have access to licenced VMS install CDs that came with some uVaxen
> some time ago at the University where I work. The systems have been
> surplussed long ago but we kept the software. If there a decent
> (free) emulator that will run these on a Windows/XP or Linux PC?
> The ones I've found on the net would appear to be either commercial or
> sufficiently cut down or incomplete as not to be practical, but this is
> just from reading, not from using. I'd be delighted to be proven wrong.

SimH/VAX works fine for most VMS playage.. it supports a fair set of
disks, terminal controllers, tapes, and emulates a KA655 (MicroVAX 3800
et al) system with up to 32MB of memory. It also supports Ethernet,
and can run under either several flavors of U*ix, VMS or Win32.

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