1 Lot of 25 3' inch polished Silicon Wafers

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Date: Fri Aug 29 03:09:00 2003

> With the Ronco Home Wafer Fab Line?

I passed on a three inch Mask Aligner once, went for $25 at the Oregon State
University Auction. Was in perfect shape and locked down. I bought the 4 inch
Mask Aligner for $150 and resold it on the used market. There was still demand
for it.

It is possible to have your own production line.

I have not seen many wafers in surplus stores. Wacky Willy in PDX had some
original Wacker test wafers many years ago but none recently.

I bought about 80 test wafers from Gene Amdahl's Trilogy project which I have
been parting out on eBay and privately.

Astoria, OR
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