HP 9825A rescue?

From: Luc Vande Velde <luc_at_e2t.be>
Date: Fri Aug 29 06:45:00 2003

I have the beast om my desk here:
The 9825A has option 002 installed (23228bytes op mem) and has 2 modules in
its option slots
a 98216A module and a 98210 module
It powers up and seems to do the basic calculations (1+1=2) :)))
On the back is a sticker: Part of 5046A system (never heard of)
there are also 3 expansion module like bays in the back - all of them empty
The 9826 unit that came with it powers also up but seems to ask for a disk
This unit looks like disk os based - is there anything more to find about


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Onderwerp: Re: HP 9825A rescue?

At 01:36 PM 8/28/03 +0200, you wrote:
>Hi Folks,
>I am not familiar with the old HP calculators.
>The local junkyard has a HP 9825A desktop calculator they can't sell
>They intend to demolish it next week - is it worth saving it? or is the
>world full of it?

  Why can't they sell it?

>- is it worth saving it?

   Yes but it sounds like you don't have any choice.

>or is the
>world full of it?

   They're relatively common in this area but I'm close to several large
military contractors and Kennedy Space Center and they use a lot of them.
But they are neat machines and seem to run forever. It's probably one of
the best machines that HP ever built IMO. They run a OS/language called
HPL. It's a cross between APL and BASIC. Lots more details on my website at

  What model is it? Open the paper cover and see what options it has.


>It looks complete and has only some minor estetic damage.
>Luc Vande Velde
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>Onderwerp: Re: Anyone have copy of old BBS software
>On Thu, 21 Aug 2003 10:05:25 -0400, Cini, Richard wrote:
>>Hello, all:
>> Does anyone have a copy of some old BBS software for the PC
>>platform, like WildCat, that I could get a copy of? I'd like to do some
>>transfer testing among my classic platforms and thought an internal BBS
>>would be a clean way to do it.
>> Thanks.
>>Rich Cini
>Why don't use telemate, procomm or zock and use their internal host
>like personal bbs ?
>BBSen even here
>and here look for telix or telemate
>Greetings from
>Fritz Chwolka
><collecting old computers just for fun>
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