How do you bring up a MicroVax 2000?

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Date: Fri Aug 29 08:26:00 2003

Zane H. Healy <> wrote:

> > Perhaps is a problem of the cable and terminal you are using.
> > I have one DEC cable with MMJ connector, and use one VT-102
> > or one Compaq Portable with Kermit using VT-102 emulation to connect
> > with the Microvax 2000.
> >
> > Just curious... Do you have in the back of the Microvax one Box with
> > three MMJ connectors ? This is neccesary to connect with one Serial
> > Terminal (someone correct me if this is a mistake)

   Depending on the specific model, the "console" port is either serial 1 or serial 3. Umm, wait - VAX 2000? - you aren't talking about the "lunchbox" VAX are you, perchance?"

> You just made me remember something. Joe, dig up the OpenVMS FAQ. If
> you're trying to connect via the 9-pin (or is it 25-pin) serial connection
> you'll probably have to make a special cable to connect, the pinout on the
> KA630 class systems is a bit odd as I recall. There is a MMJ adapter, but
> they're pretty rare.

   Not rare at all. The H8571-J MMJ to DB9 adapter is still an orderable part. The "new" versions aren't as sturdy, though - as they are "clamshell" construction, rather than molded.

   If you make up your own "DECconnect" cable, be absolutely certain that you put the locking tabs to the same side of the cable (I always put them to the "rib" side). The signal lines are .not. symmetrical, so flipping one connector doesn't make it a "null-modem" cable - it makes it utterly useless.

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