Attache Disks

From: Fred Cisin <>
Date: Fri Aug 29 16:36:00 2003

On Thu, 28 Aug 2003, Joe wrote:
> >There was also a 720K 5.25" 96TPI (80 track per side) option.
> Do you know what you have to do to use the 96TPI drives in the Attache?

I don't know. But it was a supported option from Otrona.
It would require software changes: either be a different
boot (system) disk, different ROM, or both.
But, IIRC, the MS-DOS option involved a daughter board with
an 808x co-processor.

If you can find drives that will physically fit,
they'll hook up to the same cables and controller.

Canon made a really nice 2/3 height DOUBLE drive.

The guy who has 3.5" drives in his would need, or have,
exactly the same software changes. Except for connectors,
3.5" 720K drives would use the same software as 5.25" 720K drives,
and are almost impossible to differentiate in software.
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