9121 vs 9122

From: Frank McConnell <fmc_at_reanimators.org>
Date: Fri Aug 29 18:47:14 2003

"Jay West" <jwest_at_kwcorp.com> wrote:
> Ok, if both 9121 and 9122 use the same media, what is the difference between
> these two drives?

My recollection is that a 9121 has single-sided drives, and a 9122
has double-sided drives.

You might be able to find a early 9121 that has early drives that
don't open the diskette's shutter automatically. I'm not sure how
early that would have to be though, I'm remembering 9133XVs with
single-sided stiffy drives in mid-1983 and they were capable of
opening the shutters by themselves. The HP media at that point,
though, was manufactured so that you could manually open the shutter
and have it catch open for use in the older drives; you also were
expected to pinch the corner of the diskette to release the
(spring-loaded) shutter.

-Frank McConnell
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