Word processor--vintage computer or typewriter ?

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Date: Sat Aug 30 00:18:00 2003

Over the years I've worked on a number of systems that were sold as "word processors". They were all "computers" in the sense that they had the standard complement of CPU, memory, mass storage and the programming was loaded at boot time, as opposed to being in ROM. Some of them, e.g. DEC's WS-78, were general-purpose computers (oops! pardon me ... Personal Data Processors) that were shipped only with the word processing software. However, especially in the case of the WS-78/DECmate family, a DOS (OS-8/78/278) was available, as were a variety of compilers and interpreters, e.g. Fortran, BASIC, Dibol.

I think I still have OS-8 on 8" floppies.

Dale (the DECdude)
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