anyone have a working Apple 40 meg tape drive?

From: Luc Vande Velde <>
Date: Sat Aug 30 11:47:00 2003

Can you give me a model number?
I have a few piles of old Apple stuff but I know almost nothing about it
(I am not an Apple Lover) - I just kept them because I can't dump nice
Concerning this pitch roller behavior of turning into some kind of tar...
Does anyone know what's the reason? I scrapped this afternoon a dozen of
multi-track recorders (no panic, they were without any value, except for
some nice Papst outer-rotor motors) and all their pitchrollers looked like



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Onderwerp: anyone have a working Apple 40 meg tape drive?

It appears that the Apple 40 meg tape drives have the same
problem that HP's have.. the pinch rollers (same color as
HP's) instantly turn to goo if you try to use them, even
though they look fine.

Does anyone have a known working drive that I can borrow
to read a couple of tapes?
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