jumper settings for Chinon FZ-354 floppy

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Date: Sat Aug 30 14:56:00 2003

> From what I've read, 3 1/2 drives don't have removable resistor packs
> and they somehow achieve termination automatically

I'd heard it being referred to as "distributed termination". From that, I'd
that meant that each 3.5" device is terminated, and that each provides what
amount of total termination resistance is required if that device is plugged up
to the chain.

At 12:20 PM 8/30/03 -0400, you wrote:
>Hello all,
>I finally set up my SWP ATR8000 last night. This device allows an Atari
>computer to use standard floppy drives along with Atari proprietary drives.
>Included with the ATR8000 was an external floppy case with power supply that
>can hold 2 half height 5 1/4 floppies. It had 1 Shugart SA455 5 1/4 DSDD drive
>and I added (after hours of drilling and filing) a Chinon FZ-354 3 1/2 DSDD.
>I put the Chinon on the end of the cable set at drive 3. I removed the
>resistor pack from the Shugart and added a switch using old motherboard cables
>so I can change the drive id from 1 to 2. This is so I can boot CP/M from the
>Shugart as drive 1 or switch it to drive 2 and boot from an Atari drive. I
>had no trouble using the Shugart drive but the Chinon gave me a lot of
>problems. After a little research on the net, I changed the jumper from DC to
>RDY (this sounded like the answer) but I still got errors. The errors
>occurred after I rebooted and wrote to the same disk. Every file from the
>second write was messed up. The only jumpers left were MM and MD so I changed
>the jumper from MM to MD and it works great now. My big question is what are
>the MM and MD settings for, and how did this solve my problem? From what I've
>read, 3 1/2 drives don't have removable resistor packs and they somehow
>achieve termination automatically so that's why I put the Chinon at the end of
>the cable. Thanks for listening to my raving. By the way, does anyone have
>the CP/M disks for this setup for sale or for trade?
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