Monroe Calculating Machine

From: Brian Chase <>
Date: Sat Aug 30 17:03:00 2003

Does anyone know where I can find out more about this old mechanical

The unit is fully operational. With some inspiration from the Curta
instruction manual, I've been able to figure out addition, subtraction,
multiplication, and division on this device. I picked it up at a local
yard sale today for a reasonable $30.

So far, I've not been able to find much about this particular model.
Most everything I can find talks about Monroe's later electromechanical
calculators. The closest match I found is this one from the Computer
Museum in San Diego, but the image is very blurry and there isn't much
information about the calculator.

The next example is this one but it is a bit more streamlined than mine,
so I'd guess it's a slightly later model.

The identifying marks on the calculator itself are the "Monroe
Calculating Machine Company, New York, U.S.A." on the front and a number
stamped in the metal underneath the carriage--41516--which I'm guessing
is the serial number. The keyboard keys seem to be made from Bakelite.

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