The problems of organizing a computer collection

From: James Rice <>
Date: Sun Aug 31 13:10:01 2003

I'm having the same issues. I've limited myself to micros and
workststions, yet space is getting to be a problem. A single
workstation, take a Sgi Indigo as an example. The Iris Indigo doesn't
take up so much room. It's about 12x12x18 inches, but there is the 21"
monitor that goes with it, the keyboard, mouse, external CD-ROM drive,
media (an Irix CD set is 15-20 CD's), tape media (DAT), the manuals (the
Irix doc set that I have is a stack about 24" tall), SCSI cable, 13w3
video cable, ethernet AUI-to-UTP transceiver, spare power supply, spare
CPU card, spare graphics card, spare keyboard and mouse, spare RAM and
TRAM simms, spare drive sleds, Galileo video breakout box and
cable...the list goes on. Multiply this by 10 Sun's ,15 Sgi's, 2 NeXT
cubes with 1 slab, 1 BeBox, 5-6 Tandy's, 45-50 Mac's, 15-20 Mac Clones,
4 Daystar MP's, 6-8 laptops, 5-6 digitizer tables, 5 19" monitors, 6 17"
monitors, 12 21" monitors, 20 or so 15" and smaller monitors, 10 laser
printers, 6 inkjets, 8-9 dot matric printers, 2 plotters D&E sized and
you see the problem. And to think I promised my wife I would not
collect "big iron" to minimize space. This dosen't include the 14 Sgi
Indigo's that were shipped in on a skid last week for parts machines or
ebay fodder.

My biggest issue is I like to have everything setup and running or
bootable. Therefore I need a keyboard, mouse, monitor, cables, printer
for everything. Ronda has agreed to let me remodel my office by placing
cabinets and counters around the whole room. I'm planning the layout
to maximize then number of systems that I can arrange arount the room
with an island in the middle as a workspace. I've been sorting cables,
rolling them in neat coils and rubber banding or twistie tieing them to
keep them from tangling in big plastic bins. I'm also sorting boards
and spare parts. I discovered I have three 60 liter bins of SCSI and
IDE hard drives from less than qoomb to 80gb models. These are now all
sorted, catalogs, indexed and easy to find. I also had three of those
bins full of assorted SCSI and IDE CD, and CD-RW drives. Now all parts
are sorted by machine type, Mac, Mac Clone, PC Clone, Sgi, Sun, NeXT and
everything else.


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