barcode scanners, anyone?

From: Sean 'Captain Napalm' Conner <>
Date: Sun Aug 31 22:58:00 2003

It was thus said that the Great J.C. Wren once stated:
> They were kind of slick engineering in some respects. Wel built, very low
> cost, and as I recall, they had a pretty good scan rate of success. The mods
> in the 'net show how to read the scanned codes out (I think you had to XOR
> everything with the unit ID, and delete some headers and trailers), and how
> to defeat the ID part in the unit. But they're still pretty goofy looking.

  I got one of the units from RatShack (picked up an AT-PS/2 keyboard
converter at the same time) and wrote a C program to decode the data (which
I still have). If anyone is interested, I can give out copies (it's not
very long).

> I had about 50 that I had acquired by asking for several ("me and my friends
> need one") everytime I went to Tech America or Radio Shack. I eventually did
> nothing with them, and gave them all to a friend of mine.

  I still have mine somewhere (I think it's now in storage) and never did
anything with it either.

  -spc (Even have come incomprehensible Perl code to read them ... )
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