Any Amiga users on this list?

From: TeoZ <>
Date: Sat Feb 1 00:31:00 2003

I find those older scsi HD's never die (unlike the newer ones). I wanted to
try programming on the original hardware since I have the monitor for the
500. I dont need any of the newer os's just to play around with and I think
OS 4 and the hardware platform will be stillborn anyway.

Emulation is ok if you dont have the real thing to mess around with.

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> Is there a SCSI adapter for the A500, and how hard would it be to get?
> HD expansions I've always seen don't strike me as being very reliable in
> this day and age.
> If you want to do programming, I'd recommend getting a newer Amiga, or
> it under Emulation. I've had Amiga OS 3.9 running on both my A3000/25 and
> on my PC, I hate to admit it, but unless you're running something that
> requires the HW, emulating the Amiga on a modern system blows the real HW
> away. I couldn't believe the difference. Of course I've got to admit,
> you really should have an accelerator board, if you're going to try and
> AmigaOS 3.9.
> Now what I'd like to get a chance to play with is Amiga OS 4.0 on the new
> hardware! I gather the OS will finally be released in March.
> Zane
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